American Express® Merchant Financing

Flexible financing and fast funding for small businesses that qualify.

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Loan Amount

$5,000 - $2,000,000

Loan Term

6 Month, 1 yr, or 2 yrs

Time to Funds

As little as one business day

Interest Rates

As Low As 1.75%

Did you know that American Express® offers business financing?

American Express® Merchant Financing has put capital into the hands of small business owners – so why not your hands? If your business accepts American Express® Cards, you could be benefitting from a convenient, cost effective way to access more working capital.

Want flexible financing? This is it.

As a small business owner, you want options. As a leading creditor, American Express® offers them. If approved, you can use American Express® Merchant Financing to help increase your inventory, cover costs during the slow season, buy new equipment, expand your business, and much more.

It can be pretty simple to get American Express® Merchant Financing

If you’ve been in business at least 2 years and you accept American Express® Cards as a form of payment, you may qualify for merchant financing. To determine whether you’re approved, American Express® will look at factors such as your creditworthiness, outstanding debt, monthly revenues, and more. For Loans $35,000 or less, a personal guaranty may be required.

Find out if you qualify for American Express® Merchant Financing by filling out our short application. There’s no cost or obligation to see your options.

Repayment is automatic and hassle-free.

American Express® makes the repayment process simple with daily automatic repayment options from you business bank account or receivables. No more worrying about tracking due dates or writing checks. Fixed fees range from 1.75-8% (6-Month Term), 3.5-12% (12-Month Term), and 7-20% (24-Month Term).

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American Express® Merchant Financing loans are commercial loans. The loans are secured by business assets, excluding real property and motor vehicles. Merchant Financing is not a purchase/discounting of receivables or a cash advance. To be eligible for a Merchant Financing loan, your business must accept the American Express Card and satisfy other eligibility requirements. A business can have only one Merchant Financing loan at a time. Not all industries are eligible for a Merchant Financing loan. For loans of $35,000 or less, a personal guaranty may be required. If approved for a loan, funds will be disbursed to the business bank account in which your business receives settlements for credit and debit card transactions. Repayment options may include automatic debits via ACH every business day in a fixed amount from your business bank account or a daily withholding of a percentage of your business’ credit and debit card receivables. To remain in good standing, your business must continue accepting the American Express Card during the term of the loan, meet minimum repayment obligations, and satisfy other criteria contained in your loan agreement. Late fees and fees for insufficient funds may be assessed. Early repayment rebates of either 25% or 10% of the fee for the loan are contingent on there being no default and the date of the early repayment, which varies by repayment term.

A fixed fee, which is a percentage of your loan amount, will apply. Fixed fees vary by customer and are based on the creditworthiness of you and/or your business and other factors including your processing arrangements, referral source, and term. Fixed fees range from 1.75-8% (6-Month Term), 3.5-12% (12-Month Term), and 7-20% (24-Month Term).

After you submit an application for a loan, and if approved, we will tell you how much your business can borrow, the fee for the loan and the repayment method, which will each be determined based on the creditworthiness of you and/or your business and other factors. After completing their application, most approved merchants receive funds within 2 business days for loans ≤ $35k, 3 business days for loans > $35k and ≤ $250k, 5 business days for loans > $250k and ≤ $750k, and 10 business days for loans > $750k and ≤ $2M.

*Next business day funding is available only for applications approved between 9am–6pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday, Federal bank holidays excluded.


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