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First you start the business, then you get a business startup loan.

It’s not always about how long you’ve been in the business. A lot of first timers in the world of small of business are going places. They just need a little funding – which is okay, since it is better to get a startup loan than borrowing from family and friends or giving investors your equity. So just keep pushing it and we’ll see that you get that capital

Get a startup loan and accelerate your business.

The right financial cushion makes it so much easier to build a small business. With adequate capital, you can hire staff, increase inventory, purchase equipment, lease office space, or even cover your monthly expenses as you grow.

You have different financing options to pick from: SBA loans, equipment financing, business credit cards, short term loans, and lots more. You’ll definitely enjoy some extra cash with any of the above options. Startup loans are quite flexible, so they can be used to meet practically all your small business needs.

The application process for startup loan is quite straightforward.

You must be in business for no less than 6 months and your credit score must not be less than 680 before you can qualify for any startup loan.

Most lenders will want the assurance that you have the requisite experience in at least one field related to your proposed small business. There are lenders who demand collateral for your loan – this could be in form of assets like house or cars.

Make sure the loan you intend to acquire, is suitable for your startup costs.

Pick a loan option that works best for growing your business. There are four factors that should determine your choice of startup loan payment, they include: interest rate, loan amount, collateral and term. These factors might vary depending on your choice of startup loan. Estimate your monthly payments with our efficient startup loan calculator.

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