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Loan Amount

$1,000 - 500,000

Loan Term

1 - 2 Year Maturity

Time to Funds

1 - 2 Weeks

Interest Rates

8 - 24%

Get your desired working capital – no need for loans.

Business credit cards are used by businesses that don’t necessarily qualify for or are not interested in small business loans. With a business credit card, you can acquire more working capital, enjoy quick access to cash, and some nice reward programs while building your credit. In addition, it is also flexible and easy to use – so you basically have everything to gain.

Enjoy unlimited convenience.

Most Americans prefer to use credit cards for their everyday expenses. It is a very convenient way to buy things and transact business. So what’s stopping you from employing the same principle in your small business?

Business cards can be used anywhere, anytime. Most business cards have 0% introductory rates, lots of reward programs and a much needed financial safety net for your small business. So you basically get to enjoy the security associated with loans without half the commitment and paperwork. How cool is that?

Being a new business owner will not necessarily disqualify you for credit cards.

Typically your credit score should be at least 680 before you can qualify for your business card. However, having business experience is also an added advantage. You can guarantee your card personally, even if you’re a new business owner.

Business credit cards are easy to acquire and use.

There’s no special procedure for applying for business credit cards. All you need to do is to fill our 10-minute application form. You select the cards rates and options.

Business credit cards can be used for practically any business-related transaction, including increasing inventory, equipment purchase, treating clients to lunch, or just covering your monthly costs. Just relax and use it and you enjoy your reward points.

Business Credit Card.


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